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  Blue Pottery
Blue Pottery is a kind of glazed stoneware pottery. This is not made of clay but mainly of Silica mixed with glass powder, gum, fuller's earth and bicarbonate soda. Due to its low plasticity, it cannot be molded on the potter's wheel; it has to be molded by hand. But this facilitates shaping and easy joining; shrinkage is low while drying as well as after firing. The green body is covered with a slip consisting of silica, glass powder and fine wheat flour to seal the pores and cracks and give a clear white base for painting. The glaze used is lead based due to its low firing temperature.

Blue pottery is an art not more than two hundred years old. It traditionally hails from Persia. Today Blue Pottery products can be found mainly in Delhi and Jaipur.

The color scheme of blue pottery is predominantly a blue green palette, thus rendering it the name Blue Pottery. The colors are derived as follows:

- cobalt oxide becomes a deep blue

- chromium oxide becomes green

- cadmium oxide becomes bright yellow

- iron oxide becomes a red-brown

After painting, the piece is dipped into a glaze of glass, borax, and lead oxide and fired. Firing melts the glass, but the quartz remains. Recently, artisans have also started experimenting with other colors such as yellow (cadmium oxide), red-brown (iron oxide) and dark blue. Patterns are usually floral or arabesque, or of animals and birds. This exquisite pottery is made of a mixture of ground quartz, glass, borax and katira gum. This mixture is kneaded into dough with water, and is then molded. The product is molded in parts, and then joined. After this, it is hand painted. Cobalt oxide is used to create outlines. Other metal oxides are used to fill in the color. Thereafter, the product is dipped in clear glaze and fired once in a wooden kiln.

Vases, flower pots, plates, bowls, cups, tiles and other objects are produced in many workshops and are sold throughout Jaipur and Delhi. Blue Pottery finds its place in homes and offices, in hotels and restaurants, as ashtrays, tiles, flower pots, lamp shades, jars and decoration items.

It is interesting to know that Gayatri Devi has been propagating this age old craft to insure its sustenance. Everything said and done, Blue Pottery is fit for the elite. The designs and color scheme are elegant. The art itself is exquisite.

An item fit for a king, Blue Pottery is perfect for every occasion. Blue Pottery is Royalty in the true sense.

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