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  Jute Apparel And Fashion Accessories
Jute apparels or garments are available for all occasions. They are available in a variety of designs, some of which include- hand blocked, hand printed, embroidered and tie & dyed. Jute apparel looks very fashionable and is setting a trend of sorts in the fashion world.

Jute apparels are available with a variety of designs and patterns. They not only look trendy, but also add aesthetic appeal.

Jute is a preferred over other fabrics because it can resist rough use. It is also easy to fuse jute apparels with any casual wear. The finishing of jute apparel ranges from ethnic to modern chic. And mainly it is durable and reasonable.

Popular Types of Jute Apparels include:

- Jute Jacket- Jute jackets are very popular as they are made to be stylish and colorful. They look trendy and chic and create a unique style statement. Fashion barons all over the world have experimented extensively with this natural fabric and have come out with different styles of jackets. Jute jackets may be full-sleeved or sleeve less. They may be embroidered, or fabric-painted to match the ongoing fashion trends in the international market.

- Jute Footwear- Jute as a raw material has penetrated into many spheres of artistic activity and the footwear industry has not remained untouched. Jute sandals, clogs and slippers are being made in latest designs and have found universal acceptance. Jute footwear is made of Bleached & Natural yarn inter-woven with Hessian lining. Jute sandals may have jute uppers and a rubber base. Sometimes, the sides are pasted with velvet fabric. The insole is made from suede, leather or some other material. Sandals with braided Jute straps look very trendy. The straps may be embellished with glass beads, or other flowery patterns. These sandals come in Natural, Brown or tanned brown color.

- Jute Fashion Accessories- Buttons, laces and other kinds of fashion accessories made out of jute yarn lend a unique look. Buttons covered with jute cloth look very chic and are in high demand in the international fashion market. These buttons are made in different shapes, sizes and are available in a variety colors. Jute laces provide a rough look. Jute laces are made of jute threads that may be embellished with hand embroidery and wood beads on jute fabric. These Laces are made with Jute Yarn in different color combination.

Apart from being a fantastic new asset to the world of fashion- jute products are gaining popularity due to the eco friendliness. A perfect way to save the world while looking fashionable!

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