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  Herbal Lifestyle Products
Of all the lifestyle products available herbal tea is the most popular. Herbal tea is surging in popularity thanks to positive publicity surrounding herbal tea benefits and the vast array of delectable flavors available to consumers. Herbal infusions look like tea and are brewed in boiling water like tea - yet they do not come from the Camellia sinensis bush, the plant from which all teas are made.

Herbal tea is consumed to improve one's health. It is also said to have several medicinal properties. There are many varieties of herbal tea. Some of these include:

- Blackberry Tea: made from the blackberry bushes that grow in parts of Europe and North America, Blackberry Tea has many health benefits, including use as a treatment for diarrhea.

- Colon Cleansing Tea: Amongst other things, Colon Cleansing Tea is said to reduce food intolerance, weight and cellulite, improve skin appearance and energy, and enhance the immune system.

- Dandelion Tea: Made from the leaves of the dandelion plant, this tea can improve liver function, remove gall stones and alleviate skin complaints. Learn about the properties, health benefits and preparation of Dandelion Tea.

- Essiac Tea: Originally invented as an herbal cancer treatment, learn about the history and ingredients of Essiac Tea.

- Fruit Tea: Fruit juices can be combined with tea to create new and unique flavors. Learn about the varieties and preparation of Fruit Tea.

- Ginseng Tea: The root of the ginseng plant is noted for its ability to strengthen the body's resistance against stress. Learn all about Ginseng Tea - from its appearance and taste, to its varieties and health benefits.

- Kombucha Tea: Made from sweet tea and the Kombucha mushroom, learn about the properties and heath issues surrounding Kombucha Tea.

- Mormon Tea: One of the world's oldest medicines and a well known folk remedy for a number of ailments, learn about the characteristics and health benefits of Mormon Tea, otherwise known as Ma Huang.

- Mushroom Tea: Often taken for its hallucinogenic effects, learn about the properties, effects and preparation of Mushroom Tea.

- Pennyroyal Tea: Renowned as a folk medicine most famously used to induce abortions, learn about the properties, medicinal uses and health warnings of using Pennyroyal Tea.

- Poppy Tea: An ancient remedy that has been used for thousands of years as a pain reliever and relaxant, learn about the properties and uses of Poppy Tea.

- Rooibos Tea (Red Tea): A very popular variety of caffeine-free tea with a unique red appearance, learn about the properties and health benefits of Rooibos Tea.

- Wiccan Tea: Followers of the Wiccan belief use these herb mixtures in cleansing and blessing rituals. Learn about the properties and rituals of Wiccan Tea.

- Blueberry tea: Dried leaves from the blueberry plant are used to make this variety of herbal tea. Blueberry tea is used to help inflamed kidneys and increase the flow of urine.

- Kava: The root of the plant, from the South Pacific, is used for relaxation purposes. It is also known to promote talkativeness in drinkers.

- Persimmon tea: Dried, crushed leaves are used to make a strongly-tasting tea, rich in Vitamin C.

- Peppermint tea: Fresh or dried leaves can be used to make a refreshing-tasting tea, recommended for after-dinner consumption.

- Rosehip tea: A handful of rosehips, brewed for 10 minutes, is said to be beneficial for colds and influenza. The tea has a tart taste, and the rosehips can be used fresh or dried.

There are a plethora of herbal tea choices available from tea houses and retailers. In addition to herbal tea benefits, you will find that tisanes are a taste treat and pleasure to drink.

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