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  Wall Scones
Wall Scones, like candle holders and candle sconces are perfect to enhance the décor of your home or to present to someone. In particular they can also be used to decorate a wall or highlight a certain part of your room. Wall Scones are not only add beauty on their own but also bring out the beauty of other wall decorations such as wall hangings or paintings. Wall Scones in their own capacity are pieces of art and add elegance to the room where they are placed.

Generally opaque, transparent or translucent Wall Scones are made of metal, glass, painted or textured ceramic; with incandescent, fluorescent or halogen light sources. Also candles can be used to disperse light rather than normal bulbs.

Wall Scones are mainly designed for hanging purposes- they can be directly wired into an electrical box. A new and rather innovative addition to the arena of Wall Scones is a battery operated wall scone (also known as flame less candle) which does not require any wiring and has an on and off button.

Delicate, sturdy, modern, artistic or ornate, Wall Scones are available in various designs, sizes, shapes, colors and textures. The types of Wall Scones that are available in the market are: -Pahaldar wall scone- which adds a touch of ancient India reminiscent of Mughal art and architecture.

-Wrought iron stone scroll- an elegant wall scone that pans the length of the wall. The design of this wall scone is simple but artistic.

-Three wall scone- this wall scone has three prominent lights.

-Aluminum wall scone- the use of aluminum is not only chic but also adds a touch of modernism.

-Antique wall scone- as the name suggests these Wall Scones have an antique look and finishing, thus providing an old world charm.

-Modern Wall Scones- these are generally minimal in design and geometric.

-Decorative wall plaques- wall plaques are elaborate Wall Scones with intricate designs. They serve not only as light fixtures but also artistic pieces. -Glass Wall Scones- these are generally available in various colours, or tainted glass. Most suitable for walls with pastel shades.

-Brass/ Iron Wall Scones- these are sturdy and multipurpose, available in various finishing.

-Designer of Custom made Wall Scones- elegant, classy and one of a kind, unlike run of the mill Wall Scones these are not only beautiful but also exclusive.

Wall Scones are made from a plethora of materials such as brass, wrought iron, aluminum, wood, iron and glass. A chic but inexpensive way of lighting up a large area is by using a collage of Wall Scones- not only providing light but also enhancing the décor.

Along with the variety of Wall Scones there is also a range of wall mounts and trims available in the market, such as brass colored trims, antique silver, wooden, thick dark copper etc.

Dark narrow areas which are difficult to light can easily and aesthetically lit be the use of Wall Scones. An easy and yet classic and simple way to pave for the way for light!

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