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T- Lights are aesthetic master pieces. The lights themselves are small and dainty, very pretty to look out. Today, there are various types and kinds of t light holders that are available in the market.

Used mainly for decorative purposes, T- Lights are available in various shapes and sizes. Also they are made from different materials, thus making the choice very tough. Apart from the traditional T- Lights that are available, Indian artisans are using their ingenuity to come up with modern and chic designs that can be used for all purposes. Some environmentally conscious artisans have come up with ways to create T- Lights out of waste material.

The kinds of T- Lights that are available in the market today are:

- Aluminum T- Lights

- Brass T- Lights

- EPNS T- Lights

- Wrought iron

- Crystal/ rose quartz T- Lights

- Glass T- Lights

- T- Lights made from recycled material

- Paper lanterns

- Antique T- Lights

- Carved wooden and stone T- Lights

Some of these are embellished using stones, gems, mirrors etc to make them loom more beautiful. Mirrored T- Lights create an illusion that many candles are glowing and not just one. T- Lights are available in various shapes such as those of animals or figurines, and also geometric shapes.

One of the most functional features of T- Lights is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. T- Lights are perfect to be used in gardens as they are seldom blown out.

Another type of T- Lights that are available in the market is fragrant t lights. These are available in fragrances such a vanilla, lavender, rose, green apple etc and are perfect to create a mood.

T - Lights are available in various finishes such as Patina, Pewter, Antique, Brass, bronze and many others. These beautiful T-light candle holders bring forth an aura of beauty and magic to the surroundings. Perfect o transport you to fairy land!

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S.s.arts & Crafts
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We are manufacture & exporter of handicrafts gifts art wares in metals,woods,glass,glass beads & mosiac items.
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Photo frames,candle stand,votive,t-lights,boxes,pill box,pens,planters & horn bone cutlery etc.
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