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bags, handbags, leather bags, travel bags, paper bags, jute bags, beaded bags, cotton bag
A bag is essentially something that is used to carry things. So in a way it is just a tool or means of a kind. But, for the fashion conscious, a bag is of great consequence. So is the case with the environmentally conscious people who prefer cotton bags or jute bags to plastic bags.

Bags can be made of various materials. There are different kinds of bags and these kinds also have different styles. Different bags are used for different purposes. On certain occasions, a bag can either make or break your outfit. Bags can be either for utilitarian purposes or for ornamental purposes. Certain bags such as paper bags are also used for gifting. As such a bag can be used for everything and anything. Thus, it is of great importance.

The different materials that bags can be made out of include:

- Cotton

- Jute

- Beaded bags

- Paper Bags

- Leather Bags

Apart from the material used, the bag can also be of different styles, shapes, sizes, designs and colors. The uses of a bag can vary from using it as a hand bag (meant for carrying small things), to using it for travel- like a rucksack.

The different kinds of bags include:

- College Bags

- Back Packs

- Clutches

- Handbags

- Sling bags

- Fancy Bags

The beauty of Indian bags lies in their variety. Handmade Indian bags are bags are available in an array of finishes. There are embroidered bags, hand painted bags, appliquéd bags, embellished bags and even bags that have been weaved.

A bag is an item that is here to stay. They are timeless classics that do not disappear. Chic, elegant, funky, multipurpose- no wonder bags ever go out of vogue.

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bags, handbags, leather bags, travel bags, paper bags, jute bags, beaded bags, cotton bag